The Nucleotide Variant table contains subsequences of the main sequence that differ from the reference sequence of the same virus species.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
nucleotide_variant_id serial 10 nextval('nucleotide_variant_nucleotide_variant_id_seq'::regclass)
nucleotide_variant_annotated.nucleotide_variant_id Implied ConstraintR
variant_impact.nucleotide_variant_id variant_impact_nucleotide_variant_id_fkeyR
sequence_id int4 10 null
sequence.sequence_id nucleotide_variant_sequence_id_fkeyR
sequence_original varchar 2147483647 null

Affected nucleotide sequence from the corresponding reference sequence of the chosen Virus

sequence_alternative varchar 2147483647 null

Changed ucleotide sequence (in the target sequence) with respect to the reference one

start_original int4 10 null

Coordinate where the mutation starts on the reference sequrence

start_alternative int4 10 null

Coordinate where the mutation starts on the target sequrence

variant_length int4 10 null

Length of mutation in units of impacted nucleotides

variant_type varchar 2147483647 null

Type of nucleotide mutation (SUB = substitution, INS = insertion, DEL = deletion)


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
nucleotide_variant_pkey Primary key Asc nucleotide_variant_id
nuc_var__length Performance Asc variant_length
nuc_var__seq_id Performance Asc sequence_id
nuc_var__start_alt Performance Asc start_alternative
nuc_var__start_orig Performance Asc start_original