The Virus table describes the viruses to which sequences belong; they are described by a complex taxonomy.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
virus_id serial 10 nextval('virus_virus_id_seq'::regclass)
epitope.virus_id epitope_virus_id_fkeyR
sequence.virus_id sequence_virus_id_fkeyR
taxon_id int4 10 null

Virus numerical id as to the NCBI Taxonomy

taxon_name varchar 2147483647 null

Virus name as to the NCBI Taxonomy

family varchar 2147483647 null

Virus family as to the NCBI Taxonomy

sub_family varchar 2147483647 null

Virus sub-family as to the NCBI Taxonomy

genus varchar 2147483647 null

Virus genus as to the NCBI Taxonomy

species varchar 2147483647 null

Virus species as to the NCBI Taxonomy

equivalent_list varchar 2147483647 null

Alternative terminology for virus name as to the NCBI Taxonomy

molecule_type varchar 2147483647 null

A virus species corresponds to a specific Molecule Type (e.g., genomic RNA, viral cRNA, unassigned DNA)

is_single_stranded bool 1 null

The molecule type has either double or single-stranded structure (TRUE = single; FALSE = double)

is_positive_stranded bool 1 null

The strand is either positive or negative (TRUE = positive; FALSE = negative)


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
virus_pkey Primary key Asc virus_id